On March 6 – my 36th birthday – I brought together around 20 of my favorite people to celebrate.  The theme:  “Change Your Life” of course.  Everyone brought an image or prop to demonstrate how their life has changed or will change in the near future.  I provided the poster board and accessories for displaying the personal items, and it turned out to be a  lovely little community folk art project.

The first clue to my destiny. Food writer? Cookbook author? Recipe developer? Still to be determined.

At the center of the board was a photo of me at about 3 years of age, with a book open on my little lap and a colander sitting on my head (and a really awful yellow onesie – I always did like comfort).  Clearly, my destiny was staring me in the face at a very young age, and I chose to ignore it for 30+ years!

My friends and family shared yummy Spanish tapas, sangria, wine  – courtesy of moi – and lots of cheer and laughter.  I so enjoyed hearing the stories of all the “change your life” props.  And best of all, it was fun to share my big news of going to culinary school on  my birthday with so many of my favorite people.

I have decided to go to Kendall College in Chicago, in many ways for cosmetic reasons – location, facility, garden, environmental consciousness, and a workout room on site.  But their programs also seem to be a tad more flexible and include courses that I’m very interested in – wine pairing, baking, etc.

I’m about half-way finished with my application, needing only to complete my personal statement, and of course, pay the application fee.  (When I visited, I was assured that given my professional and academic history, I would be accepted, so it seems the application is somewhat of a formality, but I still want to take it seriously.)

Negotiations with my current boss to begin working part-time are nearly complete, which also means I can really go public with my blog and my news very shortly.

It’s all very exciting, and a little scary, but it still feels right.

Bon appetit!