I was working like a madwoman yesterday, so no blogging for me.

I also didn’t have time to return a call from my admissions advisor from Kendall!  Curious to hear what he has to share – something about registering for classes (yippee!).  I always get so excited when I hear from him, because I’m eager to get started!  But that will have to wait for a few hours. I don’t think he would appreciate a phone call at 5:45 in the morning.

The morning is a good time to get poetry and food on the mind, so in honor of National Poetry Month, the 18-part poem, “Fruits and Vegetables” by Erica Jong continues with parts 6-10.


A poet in a world without onions,
in a world without apples
regards the earth as a great fruit.

Far off, galaxies glitter like currants.
The whole edible universe drops
to his watering mouth . . .

Think of generations of mystics
salivating for the fruit of god,
of poets yearning to inhabit apples,
of the sea, that dark fruit,
closing much more quickly than a wound,
of the nameless galaxies of astronomers,
hoping that the cosmos will ripen
& their eyes will become tongues . . .


For the taste of the fruit
is the tongue’s dream,
& the apple’s red
is the passion of the eye.


If a woman wants to be a poet,
she must dwell in the house of the tomato.


It is not an emptiness,
the fruit between your legs,
but the long hall of history,
& dreams are coming down the hall
by moonlight.


They push up through the loam
like lips of mushrooms.