Do you ever feel like you’ve prepared really well for something, and then it’s taking forEVER for the big day to arrive?  That’s kind of how I feel about cooking school.

I registered for my 1st quarter of classes at Kendall College, to begin in mid-July. July 12 to be exact. For review, my classes will be:

– Nutrition (online)

– Intro to Professional Cookery

– Stocks, Sauces, Soups (get ready for Sunday Soup Nights, gang!)

– Sanitation

The admission helper person sent info so I could order my books, cooking “scrubs,” and knives.

And now I wait, because summer session books are not yet available (chop, chop! get to it, Kendall!), and before I order my uniform, I have to find a time to go to Chicago to get measured, and well, I just haven’t ordered my knives yet.

Actually, I don’t HAVE to go to Chicago to get measured. I could probably just go to a tailor here to get measured and send my measurements to the uniform place.  But it’s so fun to go to Chicago.  And I can try a new restaurant while I’m there!  I have my eye on The Publican and Hot Chocolate.  Because after all, once I pay for the books, knives, “scrubs,” and the big one – tuition, I really won’t be able to afford to go out to eat very much any more.

So, I wait.  And I try to distract myself.

Distractions take all forms.  Some of them revolve around food and food businesses. Actually, most of them revolve around food.

There is a restaurant opening up around the corner from where I live.   Several restaurants have come and gone from the location, some lasting longer than others, and I’m hoping this one is good quality and sticks around for awhile.  It has a nice patio, and it looks like the decor is going to be tasteful (unlike the last place that was in there – imagine chartreuse green walls and a strange cartoon-ish mascot – ugh!).

Our condo board is planning to meet with the owner, and hubbie Randy is on the board, so I’ll get the inside scoop.  A meeting is no guarantee, however.  The owners of the last place met with us, and it turned out to be  dud.

So, we’ll have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, I wait for school to start, but that doesn’t mean life is on hold. Each day, I wake up, work out (I am training for a marathon, after all), enjoying the warmth (finally!) and sunshine, cooking wholesome meals and other favorite things like rhubarb crumble from my CSA share, and, of course, periodically writing in my blog.

All good distractions.